Perfect Pairs

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“Perfect Pairs,” Friend, October 2020


Perfect Pairs

Friend Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Illustration by Jeff Harvey

A hink pink is a pair of rhyming words that solve a riddle. See if you can solve these. The first one’s been done for you. Check your answers on page 39.

  1. A reptile who works at a restaurant and brings customers their food. gator waiter

  2. Something Nephi and his family might have worn to stay warm as they crossed the ocean. ________________________ ________________________

  3. A way to hang onto the thing that you light on top of a birthday cake. ________________________ ________________________

  4. A golden-colored sticky substance that a rabbit uses to sweeten his peanut butter sandwiches. ________________________ ________________________

  5. If Samuel the Lamanite had a phone and answered it just before preaching to the Nephites standing below. ________________________ ________________________

  6. A puppy that loves to roll in green paint, and then ribbit and hop around all day. ________________________ ________________________

  7. The highest room in the tallest part of a castle, where the only thing you can eat is lemons. ________________________ ________________________

  8. The dish used by mythical creatures living under bridges when they want to eat soup.________________________ ________________________

Answers: boat coat, candle handle, bunny honey, wall call, frog dog, sour tower, troll bowl