My Family Night Fun

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“My Family Night Fun,” Friend, October 2020

My Family Night Fun

These ideas go along with Come, Follow Me—for Individuals and Families each week.

Friend Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Illustrations by Katy Dockrill

Remembering Jesus

For 3 Nephi 17–19

  • Sing “Reverently, Quietly” (Children’s Songbook, 26).

  • When Jesus visited the Nephites, He taught them about the sacrament (see 3 Nephi 18:1–12). Read a message from President Oaks about the sacrament on page 2.

  • Draw a picture of Jesus! As you do, talk about ways you can remember Him when you take the sacrament.

Tithing Time

For 3 Nephi 20–26

  • Sing “The Church of Jesus Christ” (Children’s Songbook, 77).

  • In 3 Nephi, Jesus taught about paying tithing (see 3 Nephi 24:8–10).

  • Read the story on page FJ8 about a girl who pays tithing for the first time. Then use real coins or the paper coins on page 8 to practice paying tithing.

Kindness Charades

For 3 Nephi 27–4 Nephi

  • Sing “Love at Home” (Hymns, no. 294).

  • After Jesus went back to heaven, the people lived happy lives “because of the love of God” in their hearts (4 Nephi 1:15). They were kind to everyone and loved their families. You can read the scripture story on page FJ4 to learn more.

  • Now play kindness charades! Take turns silently acting out doing something kind, like sharing a toy. Then have everyone guess what the kind deed was!

Gratitude Challenge

For Mormon 1–6

  • Sing “Jesus Said Love Everyone” (Children’s Songbook, 61).

  • The prophet Mormon was sad because his people didn’t remember how Heavenly Father had blessed them (see Mormon 3:3). What blessings has Heavenly Father given you? How can you show Him that you are grateful?

  • Time for a family gratitude challenge! Each day for one week, write or draw a picture of something you are grateful for. You could make a paper chain out of what you write, or start a gratitude wall and hang up the pictures you draw.

Treat Time

Apple-Pie Snack Cups

Crush a graham cracker and place crumbs in the bottom of a small cup. Add a layer of diced apples and 3–4 tablespoons applesauce. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Repeat for more cups.

Veggie Dip

Use a mixer to combine 1 8-oz (about 225-g) package cream cheese (softened), 2 tablespoons milk, and1 teaspoon garlic salt. Add 1/4 cup chopped bell pepper and mix in. Use your favorite vegetables for dipping.

S’more Pretzel Bites

Lay pretzels on a cookie sheet and put 3 mini marshmallows on each pretzel. Set oven to broil on low and cook for 1–2 minutes. Place a piece of chocolate on each pretzel, and then broil again for 1–2 more minutes. Remove from oven and add another pretzel on top of each chocolate. Enjoy!