Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

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“Come, Follow Me for Little Ones,” Friend, October 2020

Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

Here are some activity ideas for toddlers and young children that go along with each week’s reading.

Friend Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Conference Coloring

For General Conference Week

Find coloring pages of the prophet, apostles, and women leaders at Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Activities for Children.”

Sacrament Time

For 3 Nephi 17–19

Read 3 Nephi 18:6 together and help your little ones say, “The sacrament helps me remember Jesus.” Then help them make a booklet to remember Jesus during church. Staple folded pieces of paper together and fill them with gospel pictures or drawings. You could cut out pictures from Church magazines or print coloring pages at

Tithing Blessings

For 3 Nephi 20–26

Read 3 Nephi 24:10 together and help your little ones say, “Our family is blessed when we pay tithing.” Show your children 10 coins or pieces of paper money. Help them count to 10, and then practice setting aside one of the coins or bills. You could also help them recognize what a tithing slip looks like. This would be a great time to share a testimony of how paying tithing has blessed your family.

Happy Choices

For 3 Nephi 27–4 Nephi

Read 4 Nephi 1:15 together and help your little ones say, “Living the gospel brings me joy!” You could read “Faithful People Followed Jesus” (page FJ4) and talk about the good choices people made. Together, think of something you could do to help someone you know feel happier.

God’s Love

For Mormon 1–6

Read Mormon 3:12 together, emphasizing the words “love” and “loved.” Help your little ones put their hands on their hearts and say, “I can share God’s love with others,” and then hold their hands outward, as if sharing something. You could listen to or sing “Love One Another” (Children’s Songbook, 136) and put your hands on your hearts whenever you hear the word “love.”