Mother Teresa and the Rescue

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“Mother Teresa and the Rescue,” Friend, October 2020

Courageous Examples

Mother Teresa and the Rescue

Friend Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Illustration by Liz Brizzi

Mother Teresa was a woman who loved serving God and helping people. She was called “Mother” because she was a nun in her church. When she was 18, she moved to India and started teaching children there. When they didn’t have paper or pencils, she drew the alphabet in the dirt with a stick. She also took care of people who were sick or poor. For many years, she lived with them and tried to help them.

She knew God loved all people. And she spent her whole life loving and helping them.

When Mother Teresa was 72 years old, a war started in Lebanon. Someone told her that there were some children who were stranded in a hospital there and needed help. Many of them couldn’t walk or talk. They didn’t have any food to eat. And they were afraid because of the war going on outside the hospital. The children needed help getting to a safe place.

Mother Teresa wanted to help these children. So she traveled to Lebanon. When she got there, she talked with some men to make a plan.

“We need to rescue the children in the hospital,” she said.

“That’s a good idea,” one of the men said. “But it’s too dangerous.”

Mother Teresa probably looked small standing next to the men. But her faith was great and strong. “I believe it is our duty,” she said.

“But do you hear the bombs?” another man asked.

“Yes, I hear them.”

“It’s absolutely impossible to go to the hospital now,” he said. “You simply cannot go unless the fighting stops.”

Mother Teresa smiled a kind smile. “I prayed,” she said. “I’m sure the fighting will stop long enough for us to help the children.”

The men were surprised by Mother Teresa’s faith. They agreed that if it was safe, they would take her to the hospital the next day.

When Mother Teresa woke early the next morning, everything was quiet. There were no bombs. The fighting had stopped. It was safe to rescue the children! She left right away.

Mother Teresa led a group of helpers to the hospital. When she walked inside, the children were huddled together in the middle of the room. They were scared. Some of them were crying.

Mother Teresa walked quietly toward them and gave hugs to the little ones. Even the children who were most afraid felt safe in her arms. She shook hands with the older children. Her hands were wrinkled, but gentle and warm.

She knew God loved these children. And she loved them too.

One by one, Mother Teresa and the helpers carried the children out of the hospital. They wrapped them in warm blankets. They put them gently into ambulances. Then they drove them to a safe place where more people could help them.

The next day, the bombs and fighting started again. But the children were safe! God had given Mother Teresa just enough time to rescue them.

Mother Teresa went on to help people for many more years. She knew that when she prayed in faith, God would help her share His love.