Jesus Taught Us How to Pray
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“Jesus Taught Us How to Pray,” Friend, October 2020

Jesus Taught Us How to Pray

Friend Magazine, 2020/10 Oct

Illustrations by Rachel Hoffman Bayles

When Jesus Christ was on the earth, He taught us how to pray.

I can pray, just like He taught, every single day!

I thank God for my blessings, then ask for what I need.

God wants to hear about my day! He loves me much indeed.

I end my prayer in Jesus’s name. I’m glad He showed the way.

Jesus taught us many things—He taught us how to pray!

Praying Every Day

Look at these different pictures of people praying. What do you think they are praying about? What do you pray about?

Bonus: Can you find something yellow in each picture? Can you find something blue?