For Older Kids
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“For Older Kids,” Friend, September 2020

For Older Kids

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Illustrations by Thomas Child


I have keys but no doors. I have space but no rooms. What am I? (See answer below.)

Heavenly Father Is with Me

Once I had a good friend. We had been friends for years. But she just stopped being my friend when a new girl moved in. It made me sad, so I said a prayer. I thought of the words from a song: “Courage, for the Lord is on our side” (Hymns, no. 243). I’m happy that Heavenly Father is with me and can help me through this trial.

Scarlett W., age 10, Utah, USA

A Look inside the Temple

The celestial room is peaceful and beautiful. It represents what heaven is like. In this room, people think, pray, and feel the Spirit.

Can you crack the code to find out which temple this is? Each shape represents one of the following letters: A, E, I, or U. (See answer below.)

A R __ Q __ __ P __ P E R __

Family History Corner

Part of family history is discovering who you are. Use these questions to learn about your name!

  • Why were you given your name?

  • Do any of your family members or ancestors share your name?

  • When people hear your name, what do you want them to think of?

Secret Service

  • Write nice things on sticky notes and hide them for people to find.

  • Donate canned goods to your local food pantry.

  • Video call a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a long time.

Art Challenge

Draw a kite using the number 4! Thanks to Emma A. for the idea.

Answers: a computer keyboard; Arequipa, Peru