Come, Follow Me for Little Ones
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“Come, Follow Me for Little Ones,” Friend, September 2020

Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

Here are some activity ideas for toddlers and young children that go along with each week’s reading.

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Illustration by Apryl Stott

Jesus Loves Us

For Helaman 13–16

Read Helaman 14:11–12 together. Show your little ones a picture of Samuel standing on the wall and teaching people about Jesus. (You could use page FJ4 or the cover.) Then help them take turns standing on a chair or couch—like Samuel on the wall—and saying simple sentences about Jesus, like, “Jesus was born in Bethlehem,” “Jesus is the Son of God,” and “Jesus loves me.”

Jesus Was Born

For 3 Nephi 1–7

Read 3 Nephi 1:19 and help your little ones say, “I’m so glad Jesus was born!” Then visit and watch the sing-along videos for “Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus,” “He Sent His Son,” “God’s Christmas Gift,” or other songs about the birth of Christ.

Light of the World

For 3 Nephi 8–11

Turn off the lights and shine a light on a picture of Jesus as you read 3 Nephi 9:18. Then help your little ones say, “Jesus is the Light of the World.” You could also read the scripture story on pages FJ4–FJ6. Testify that Jesus knows each one of us individually. He loves us!


For 3 Nephi 12–16

Read 3 Nephi 13:9–13 together and help your little ones say, “Heavenly Father wants me to pray to Him.” Collect pictures of people doing different gospel activities, including praying, from Church magazines or at Turn all the pictures upside-down, then take turns flipping them over. Whenever you see someone praying, help everyone practice folding their arms, bowing their heads, and closing their eyes.