A Cup of Warm Water
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“A Cup of Warm Water,” Friend, September 2020

A Cup of Warm Water

The author lives in Seoul, South Korea.

The water in the font was ice cold. Then Minjun had an idea.

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Illustration by Mike Blake

Minjun and Dad hurried into the Church building, the cold wind blowing behind them. It was chilly inside the building too. Minjun hoped it would get warmer as more people gathered.

Minjun’s friend Jungmin was getting baptized today. Jungmin had met with the sister missionaries and thought about getting baptized for a long time. The whole ward had fasted and prayed for him. Finally he decided to be baptized. And today was the day!

The font was still filling up with water when Minjun and Dad walked into the room. They sat down next to Minjun’s friend James. Soon Jungmin walked in, dressed in white baptismal clothing.

“He looks a little nervous,” James said.

Minjun nodded. He was glad he could be here for his friend.

Soon the font was filled. It was time for the baptism to begin! But instead of starting, the missionaries were talking with some of the other members, and they looked worried. Dad went to see what was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Minjun asked Dad.

“The water heater in the building is broken, so the water in the font is very cold,” Dad said.

Minjun looked at the font. At his baptism, there had been warm weather, warm water, and even his dad’s warm hug when he came out of the water. He couldn’t imagine being baptized in cold water on such a cold winter day.

Minjun watched as Jungmin courageously stepped into the water with Elder Keck, who was going to baptize him.

“It’s too cold!” Jungmin said. “I can’t stay in here any longer.” He climbed back out of the font, shivering. Minjun felt sad for him.

A few minutes later, Jungmin tried to get in the water again. This time he only made a few steps before hurrying out. He tried two more times. The water was freezing! Jungmin looked like he was about to cry.

Minjun said a silent prayer asking how he could help.

“What should we do?” someone said.

“Should we postpone the baptism?” someone else asked. Everyone wanted to help Jungmin, but they didn’t know how.

Then Minjun had an idea. He gave James a nudge. “Let’s go, James!”

Minjun and James went to the kitchen. They found a large cup and bowl and filled them with hot water from the water dispenser. They carefully carried them back to the chapel and dumped the hot water in the font. “Maybe this will help warm the water up!” Minjun said.

Everyone was surprised. “Why didn’t we think of that?” someone asked.

Together, everyone started adding warm water from the kitchen. Some people boiled water on the stove. Others carefully carried the pots across the hall and poured the hot water into the font. Even the other Primary children helped, one cup at a time.

Finally the water was warm enough. Jungmin and Elder Keck stepped all the way into the font. Minjun felt warm in his heart as he listened to Elder Keck say the words of the baptism prayer. When Jungmin came out of the water, he was smiling. Everyone was happy.

After Jungmin changed into his dry clothes, Minjun gave him a big hug. Minjun knew that whenever he prayed with courage, Heavenly Father would help him know what to do. This baptism was one Minjun would never forget!

Jungmin with the missionaries and with some of the people who helped carry water.