Hello from Guatemala!
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“Hello from Guatemala!” Friend, September 2020

Hello from Guatemala!

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Illustrations by Katie McDee; photograph of boy by Josue Aaron Peña Sanchez

Hi! We’re Margo and Paolo.

We’re traveling around the world to learn about children of God. Join us as we visit Guatemala!

Guatemala is in Central America. About 17 million people live here, and about 300,000 are members of the Church.

There are 30 volcanoes in Guatemala. Three of them are active! This one erupted in 2015.

Many people travel from place to place on colorful buses.

The bright-feathered quetzal is Guatemala’s national bird. “Quetzal” is also the name of money in Guatemala!

This family in Guatemala is studying the scriptures together. Who do you study the scriptures with?

This boy helps his family by carrying firewood.

This is the cover of the Book of Mormon in Cakchiquel. Cakchiquel is one of 18 native languages spoken in Guatemala! Spanish is the country’s official language.

Some families in Guatemala use pilas—colorful outdoor sinks—to wash dishes and clothes.

Meet some of our friends from Guatemala!

When my mom was out of work, the members of the Church helped us with food. This taught me how to share with others who don’t have much.

Darwin M., age 9, Sololá, Guatemala

We learned that the Apostle Paul preached the gospel to all people. I felt it was right to share the Book of Mormon with my friends. I wrote my testimony in each book and handed it to them. It made me happy to know that they are reading it.

Ximena L., age 9, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Are you from Guatemala? Write to us! We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for exploring Guatemala with us. See you next time!