Amy and Her Trike
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“Amy and Her Trike,” Friend, September 2020

Amy and Her Trike

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Illustrations by Corey Egbert

Amy rides her trike at the park. Amy sees birds flying. Amy sees a dog running. Amy sees a butterfly too. Amy sees Todd riding his trike. Oh no! Amy bumps Todd with her trike. Todd cries. Amy says, “I’m sorry.” She hugs Todd. Amy says, “Want to ride trikes with me?” Todd says, “Yes!” Amy and Todd ride their trikes together. Amy knows Jesus is happy when she is nice to others.

Riding with Friends

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Amy and her friends want to ride their trikes. Draw a line from each child to their trike.

Amy rides a red trike

Diego rides a yellow trike

Courtney rides a purple trike

Todd rides an orange trike

Alani rides a green trike