Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, September 2020

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2020/09 Sept

Young Women

My sister and brother have autism. When I saw my sister at recess with no one to play with, I felt sad. So I played with her. Being compassionate made me feel the warmth of the Holy Ghost. Jesus was compassionate, and I want to be like Jesus.

Olivia B., age 10, Idaho, USA

Young Man

I have the same birthday as President Russell M. Nelson! I know he is a prophet of God.

Marcos C., age 10, Nevada, USA

Young Girl

I like to pray. I know that Heavenly Father hears my prayers and I can tell Him everything. I try to follow Jesus and serve others. I also like to go to church, and I try to always be reverent.

Aubrey S., age 6, Lower Saxony, Germany

Young Men

I’m glad that we read the Book of Mormon every evening. I would like to finish reading it by the end of the year. I’m glad that I’ll go to the temple soon. I know that a family can be together eternally.

Elias J., age 11, Saxony, Germany

I like to help people, so I gave money to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund. After I gave the envelope to my bishop, I felt very happy inside. I knew it was the Holy Ghost telling me that I did something right.

Saileey B., age 7, Gauteng, South Africa

Nellie Mainor

I have a kidney disease and got a new kidney. For the past four years I have been wearing a mask anywhere there is a group of people. I know it keeps me safe to wear a mask, so I don’t mind. Now that everyone is doing the same thing as me, I feel a lot safer about going outside.

Nellie M., age 10, Utah, USA

Face Masks

I learned to sew at the beginning of the pandemic and starting sewing masks to donate to ward members and senior homes. My sisters and I have sewn over 500 masks!

Thomas O., age 8, Missouri, USA


Madyson A., age 9, Missouri, USA

LEGO Scripture Story

Jacob A., age 8, Nevada, USA

Children's Art

Julianne R., age 7, Washington, USA

Children's Art

Everett C., age 8, Utah, USA

Children's Art

Penelope W., age 8, Oeste, Portugal