Conference Notes
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“Conference Notes,” Friend, May 2020

Conference Notes

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

Jesus Loves Us

Dallin H. Oaks Official Portrait 2018

President Oaks taught about four promises we have because of Jesus Christ:

  1. We can repent.

  2. We can feel comfort and strength.

  3. We will live again.

  4. We can keep learning and growing.

This teaches me:

Sharing Gospel Love

D. Todd Christofferson

Elder Christofferson talked about a family who invited their neighbor to home evenings and baptisms. They called him “Uncle Jonathan.” He didn’t want to join the Church. But they kept loving, helping, and spending time with him. Twenty years later, he was baptized!

This teaches me:

Doing Hard Things

Joy D. Jones

Sister Jones showed a video of Primary children who got to meet President Nelson. One girl asked him if it’s hard to be the prophet. President Nelson said yes. He said that anything we do to be more like Jesus takes a lot of effort. But we can do it with His help!

This teaches me:

Book of Mormon Stories

Benjamin M. Z. Tai

Elder Tai told about a man who read the Book of Mormon Stories picture book to gain a testimony. The full Book of Mormon wasn’t in his language. So he carefully read each scripture story and looked at the pictures. He prayed and felt peace and joy. He knew it was true.

This teaches me: