Learning and Serving at Home
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“Learning and Serving at Home,” Friend, May 2020

Learning and Serving at Home

Read how children around the world have been learning and serving others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

Layna H., age 8, Idaho, USA, mails homemade cards to her Primary teachers and grandparents. She loves coloring and sharing her cards with others.

With social distancing, it’s hard to stay inside, but Alexander F., age 5, Ontario, Canada, had a great idea. He was looking through old Friend magazines and asked Daddy if they could build a rocket ship together just like on one of the covers!

I saw lots of people going for a walk by themselves, and I wanted to do something to make them happy and know that they aren’t alone. Me and my family went for a walk with some chalk and left messages on the path to make other people smile.

Samson W., age 4, Merseyside, England

We feel so blessed that in the midst of the chaos caused by the spread of COVID-19, where churches are closed, we are still able to take the sacrament. We really love spending time together as a family!

Billery, Whitney, Hyrum, Zoe, Kanisha, Brieanna, and Meaghan M.I., ages 14, 12, 11, 8, 6, 4, and 3 months, Sabah, Malaysia

During this quarantine due to COVID-19, I have been learning how to index. My parents help me to learn more about my ancestors and their hobbies, favorite dishes, and more. I hope children like me can feel Elijah’s spirit when they do indexing or FamilySearch at home.

Levik T., age 8, Lima, Peru

We drove to look at the Houston Texas Temple. Even though the temple gates are closed, it still brings peace and comfort.

Sophie, Claire, and Bailey B., ages 2, 4, and 6, Texas, USA

On Sunday, March 29, we fasted for peace in the world and healing from COVID-19. This was my first time fasting for 24 hours, and it was hard. I was hungry, but my mom told me to remember the reason we were fasting and that God will hear my prayers and accept my fasting. I grabbed my Book of Mormon and started reading. It brought me peace and filled me spiritually. God lives, and Jesus Christ loves us.

Yaretzi L., age 10, California, USA

After not being able to go to church and then experiencing an earthquake in our city, we decided to sing Primary songs to older people in our neighborhood. It was like Christmas caroling but in spring! We knocked on their doors and stood back from the house with a sign saying that we loved them and that they didn’t need to invite us in. They were so surprised and happy to hear us, and it was fun! It helped us feel better when we felt scared.

Emily and Lily D., ages 8 and 4, Utah, USA

I fasted for the first time because President Nelson asked us to fast to help with the coronavirus. Fasting is hard, but I know that making a sacrifice will help. I know this because Jesus sacrificed for us. I know Jesus helped me. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus are proud of me. My testimony is stronger because of this.

Brendon S., age 9, Texas, USA