How to Hear Jesus Christ
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“How to Hear Jesus Christ,” Friend, May 2020

A Conference Message from the Prophet

How to Hear Jesus Christ

Adapted from President Nelson’s April 2020 general conference addresses.

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

Illustrations by Andrew Bosley and Apryl Stott

During the First Vision, God the Father pointed to Jesus Christ and said, “This is my Beloved Son. Hear Him!” That message to Joseph Smith is for each of us. We are to seek, in every way we can, to hear Jesus Christ.

When we truly hear Jesus Christ, we will be guided to know what to do in any circumstance.

How can you hear Him more clearly?

  1. Feast daily on His words in the scriptures.

  2. Go to the temple or do family history work.

  3. Pay attention to the words of the prophets.

  4. Listen to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. He will bring thoughts to your mind and peace to your heart. He will let you know what is true.

When we are surrounded by uncertainty and fear, what will really help us the most is to hear Jesus Christ.

I express my love for you. I bless you with peace and with increasing faith in the Lord.

“Let us put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ into action!”

President Russell M. Nelson, “Opening the Heavens for Help,” Ensign, May 2020.

I Can Learn to Hear Jesus Christ

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

When have the words of Jesus Christ helped you?