Friends by Mail
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“Friends by Mail,” Friend, May 2020

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

Breakfast with the Friend

I love reading the Friend at breakfast!

Pippa C., age 8, Utah, USA

Right Place on the Sabbath

I play baseball, and some of the games are on Sunday. I was sad I couldn’t go to those games but happy I could go to church. I read “Farm-Club Fiasco” (Apr. 2019), and it reminded me that I always want to be at the right place on the Sabbath.

Benjamin P., age 8, New York, USA

90 Years of the Friend!

When I was young, a subscription to the Children’s Friend was a must. I’m still getting my copy of the Friend every month and just finished the Funstuff activities. It just proves that the magazine is for everyone, even 92-year-olds! Thank you for keeping the Friend available to all of us.

Carry S., age 92, Utah, USA

Dear Friends,

We’re so thankful that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop general conference! We got to celebrate the First Vision and hear about great blessings to come, like eight more temples! President Nelson challenged us to find ways to hear Jesus Christ (see page 2). He promised that if we do, we will have peace and know how to handle any storm. On page 28, you can see how children around the world have been learning and serving during the pandemic.

We’re praying for you,

The Friend

Standards Search!

Can you find a story in this issue about baptismal covenants?

I found it! Page_______.

Bonus challenge! Memorize this month’s standard:

“I will remember my baptismal covenant and listen to the Holy Ghost” (Children’s Guidebook, 63).