Show and Tell—Conference Edition!
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“Show and Tell—Conference Edition!” Friend, May 2020

Show and Tell—Conference Edition!

Friend Magazine, 2020/05 May

Gideon, Annie, Amelia, Sullivan, Adelaide, Arilyn, and Autumn W., ages 9, 7, 2, 4, 6, 1, and 11, Bavaria, Germany, loved seeing President Nelson and were grateful for the Hosanna Shout.

Annelle, Ruth, Sarah, and Samira K., ages 8, 2, 6, and 6, Littoral, Benin, loved watching conference together as a family.

Shelem, Josué, Mía, and Ruth C., ages 5, 8, 6 months, and 3, Durango, Mexico, enjoyed watching general conference at home. It was a special conference!

Elder Stevenson told about a woman who had cancer. Someone asked how she could still have faith. She said having faith is what gets her through all the hard things. My little brother had cancer too. We were really scared, but we still had faith, and he did get better. I know that faith can help us through hard things.

Alayna A., age 8, Quebec, Canada

I love the music of the Tabernacle Choir. I always feel peace.

Jared B., age 7, Normandy, France

When I watched general conference, I learned about how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon so we would have the word of God. The Book of Mormon teaches me about Jesus Christ.

Shalom A., age 6, Dakar Region, Senegal

Our family made this diorama of the First Vision as we got ready for general conference. We had fun working together and sharing this with our friends.

Felicity, Peter, and Talmage C., ages 9, 7, and 3, Wisconsin, USA