Your Body Is a Temple
August 2019

“Your Body Is a Temple,” Friend, August 2019

Your Body Is a Temple

The Apostle Paul taught that our bodies are temples (see 1 Corinthians 6:19). Here’s a game you can play to learn more.

board game to learn about our bodies

Illustrations by Dani Jones

  1. Cut out the cards on the next page and spread them out where everyone can see and reach them.

  2. Take turns rolling a dice. After someone rolls, find that number on “Truths about Temples” and read it out loud.

  3. Find the card that teaches a similar truth about bodies. (Hint: Look for the matching symbols.) When you find the match, reach out and tap the card! Then read the card out loud and do the activity.

  4. Keep rolling and tapping until everyone has had a turn, or until you’ve read all of the cards.

Truths about Temples

  1. Each temple is a house of the Lord.

  2. Temples look different on the outside. Some have gardens and fountains. They have different shapes and colors. All temples are beautiful.

  3. Every day, people work to care for the outside of the temple and keep it nice.

  4. People clean the inside of the temples too! Workers and volunteers make sure everything is polished and neat.

  5. Temples are used to do Heavenly Father’s work.

  6. Temples are special, sacred places that should be treated with respect.

Each body is a temple where that person’s spirit lives. The Holy Ghost can also be there. Ask someone to tell about a time they felt the Holy Ghost.

Bodies come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter what, each body is beautiful. Name something your body can do.

Every day we can work to keep our bodies healthy by washing, eating good foods, and exercising. Name one thing that is good to eat or drink and one thing that you shouldn’t eat or drink.

We can keep our thoughts clean by reading, watching, and listening to things that invite the Holy Ghost. Sing a verse from a favorite Primary song.

We can use our bodies to help people and do what Jesus would do. Give someone a compliment and a high five!

Your body should be treated with love and respect. If someone hurts you or touches your body in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult right away! Take another turn.