Brownies and a Big Sister

    “Brownies and a Big Sister,” Friend, August 2019

    Brownies and a Big Sister

    The authors live in Colorado and Utah, USA.

    Friend Magazine, 2019/08 Aug

    Illustrations by Scott Peck

    Bye, Molly! We love you!

    Be a good helper for Grandma!

    I miss Mom and Dad. When will they get home from the hospital?

    After your sister is born. Then you’ll get to meet her!

    I don’t know if I really want a sister.

    Hey, I need your help with a special surprise.

    Let’s make a treat for your parents. What should we make?

    Brownies are Mom’s favorite!

    Wow, you are a good assistant chef! You know something else your family needs help with?

    Eating brownies?

    Probably! But you can also help by being a kind big sister.


    Yes! I can tell you know how to help your family.

    I have an idea for another surprise.

    I can’t wait until Mom and Dad AND the baby come home!