Getting to Church
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“Getting to Church,” Friend, August 2019

Getting to Church

“Always remember him, and keep his commandments” (Moroni 4:3).

Friend Magazine, 2019/08 Aug

Illustrations by Kayela Larsen

“Wait, you haven’t finished your breakfast,” Mom said. Mom pushed the small plates of vegetables closer to Juhyuk.

Juhyuk looked at his breakfast. He was running late! Normally his older brother went to church with him. But his brother was out of town, so Juhyuk had to go on his own today. Mom didn’t go to church with them.

“OK, Mom,” Juhyuk said. He hurried to finish eating. Then he hugged Mom and headed for the door.

Mom stopped him. “Do you have your phone?”

Juhyuk held it up. “Yes. I can text my Primary teacher if I have a problem.”

“And a sweater under your coat? It’s cold.”

Juhyuk showed Mom his sweater. She nodded. Juhyuk hurried out to the street.

All the city sounds made him smile. It was fun to live in one of the biggest cities in South Korea!

But Juhyuk still wished his brother were with him. It always made the trip to church more fun.

“I know the way,” he told himself. And sure enough, before long he was at the first bus stop.

But no one else was there. That was strange. He checked his watch. He must have just missed the bus! Now he would have to wait for the next one.

After several minutes, other people started gathering. Finally, a bright blue bus rolled up. Juhyuk climbed the steps, paid the driver, and sat down.

Ta-tink! Juhyuk checked his phone after the text alert. It was from his Primary teacher. Are you on the bus? Remember, if you get lost, we can come find you!

He grinned and texted back. Yes. I’m on it now.

This was only the short bus ride, though. He would have to ride the second bus for more than an hour.

Juhyuk looked at the time and frowned. He didn’t want to miss church. He loved the part in the sacrament prayers that said, “always remember Him.” That meant always remembering Jesus. And Juhyuk wanted to do that.

When his aunt and uncle had invited his brother and him to church a few months ago, he met the missionaries. Elder Kim and Elder Moon taught them both about Jesus. The more Juhyuk learned about Jesus, the more he loved thinking about Him.

Ta-tink! A new text came in. Have you switched buses yet?

Not yet, he texted back.

The bus pulled up to the busy street where Juhyuk needed to get off to switch buses. He asked the driver if his second bus had come.

“You just missed it,” the driver said. “The next one arrives in 15 minutes.”

“Oh, OK,” Juhyuk said. “Thank you!”

Finally, after the second bus ride, Juhyuk hurried inside the meetinghouse. His aunt and uncle had saved him a seat. He had made it!

Juhyuk thought about everything he had done to get to church. He thought of all of the people who had helped him along the way. He felt that Heavenly Father was glad he was there.

Juhyuk said a silent prayer. “Thank Thee, Heavenly Father, that I can come to church today.”