How to Get Chores Done Faster!
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“How to Get Chores Done Faster!” Friend, August 2019


How to Get Chores Done Faster!

Friend Magazine, 2019/08 Aug

Illustrations by Adobe Stock

Fill in the blank spaces before reading the story.

Chore time got you down? Don’t worry! With a few tips, you can finish them in only (length of time). Let’s start with (verb ending in -ing) your bed. First, use some (plural noun) to help tuck in your sheets nice and (adjective). Then (verb) up your blankets and (verb) down your pillow. Next comes the rest of your room. Use a (noun) to quickly gather up everything that’s on the floor, then (verb) quickly while yelling (a silly word) at the pile you just made. With any luck, all your (plural noun) will now be right where they belong. For the rest of your chores, remember this: (1) A (noun) works twice as fast as a (noun) to clean the floor. (2) (verb ending in -ing) the dishes is better than actually washing them. (3) Putting (plural noun) under your shoes makes (verb ending in -ing) out the trash a snap. And (4) (verb ending in -ing) the toys where they belong will never be hard again once you start using a(n) (adjective) (noun) to help you out!