For Parents of Little Ones
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“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, August 2019

For Parents of Little Ones

Friend Magazine, 2019/08 Aug

Photograph from Getty Images

This month, Friend Junior is talking about bodies—how to take care of them and why they are important. (There’s also a “Your Body Is a Temple” activity on page 24 of the main section of the magazine.) An important part of body care is helping children stay safe from abuse. But how do you start that conversation with a really young child? Here are some ideas other parents are using:

“My kids know body parts by their correct names. Every so often I remind them that no one can touch their private parts—those covered by a swimsuit—and they can’t touch those parts on others. If they are in a situation like this, they can fight and scream and ask for help.” —Pamela G.

“We teach our little kids to be polite and friendly to others. We also talk about ‘tricky’ people—anyone who wants to trick them into leaving Mommy and Daddy. We warn them that a tricky person may say something like, ‘Do you want to come see my puppy?’ and that they should always come and tell us right away if this happens.” —Alyssa T.

“They can have a surprise, which is short term, but no secrets. If anyone asks them to keep a secret, they should tell us. Also, I don’t require my children to hug or kiss anyone if they don’t want to. They must greet people politely, but I don’t force physical contact on them.” —Megan G.