Paul Repents

    “Paul Repents,” Friend, August 2019

    Scripture Stories

    Paul Repents

    Paul being mean to people
    Paul sees a vision of Jesus
    a girl helping another child at school

    Illustrations by Apryl Stott

    After Jesus died, His disciples kept teaching people. But not everyone liked what they taught. A man named Paul was especially mean to those who followed Jesus.

    One day while Paul was traveling, he saw a bright light from heaven. He heard Jesus’s voice! Jesus told Paul to repent and follow Him.

    The bright light made Paul blind. A holy man named Ananias healed Paul’s eyes. Paul chose to be baptized.

    After that, Paul taught people about Jesus Christ. He was a great missionary, teacher, and leader in Christ’s Church.

    I can choose to be kind instead of being mean. I can always choose to follow Jesus.