When I Return to Him

    “When I Return to Him,” Friend, April 2019

    When I Return to Him

    Lovingly = 90

    Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

    1. The Shepherd loves His little lambs,

    And when they go astray,

    He seeks them as they wander;

    He calls each one by name.

    They listen for the Shepherd’s voice;

    They run to Him, and then

    He welcomes them with loving arms

    When they return to Him.

    2. The Savior loves His little ones,

    And if I leave His side,

    He seeks me as I wander

    By day or darkest night.

    I’ll listen for the Savior’s call.

    I’ll come to Him, and then

    He’ll welcome me with loving arms

    When I return to Him.

    3. The Savior marks the path for me;

    He shows me how to live.

    And if I stray or wander,

    I know He will forgive.

    So I will heed the Savior’s voice;

    I’ll turn away from sin,

    And He will fill my heart with joy

    When I return to Him.