What’s on Your Mind?

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, April 2019

What’s on Your Mind?

My family and friends sometimes want me to do things I know aren’t right. How do I tell them no? —Nervous in New York

Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

Illustrations by Tammie Lyon

Dear Nervous,

It can be tough to stand up for what you believe, but when you do, the Holy Ghost will help you. Try explaining why it’s important to you. Even if others don’t understand your reasons, ask them to be respectful. Remember, it’s OK to leave a bad situation if you need to.

You might feel like you are standing alone, but Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are there with you. They are proud of you for choosing the right! And so are we.

The Friend

What would you say next? Write it in the bubble.

Boy 1: It’s just one little word. Why won’t you say it?

Boy 2: ___________________________________

Girl 1: What do you want to do on Sunday? I was thinking we could go to the movies.

Girl 2: _________________________________

Girl 1: I know this has some bad stuff in it, but my mom lets me watch it.

Girl 2: ________________________________