The Blue Egg

“The Blue Egg,” Friend, April 2019

Waiting for a Blue Egg

The author lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

Illustration by Mark Robison

Maya and Cade raced to the chicken coop.

“Is anything there?” Maya asked.

“Not yet,” Cade said.

Maya and Cade took care of the chickens every day. They gave them food and water. And they checked for eggs. But there were no eggs yet.

“My chicken will lay the first egg,” Cade said.

“No,” Maya said. “Mine will.”

A few days later Cade ran into the house. “I found an egg!” The egg was white with brown speckles.

“That’s from Cade’s chicken,” Mom said. “My chicken’s eggs will be brown. Maya, your chicken’s eggs will be blue.”

Cade pumped his fist. “My chicken laid the first egg!” he said.

Maya thought about the blue egg. She could wait for that.

But waiting was hard! The next egg didn’t come for days. And it was brown. “Your blue egg will come,” Mom said. “Sometimes we have to wait for good things.” So Maya kept waiting.

Every day Cade and Maya filled the water. Every day, they scattered seeds for the chickens to eat. And they kept checking for eggs. Sometimes there was a speckled egg. Sometimes there was a brown egg. But never a blue one. So Maya kept waiting.

One day Maya checked for eggs again. This time she found two. One was speckled. One was brown. Then something caught her eye. Another egg, hidden under the straw. A blue egg!

Maya picked it up. It was beautiful. Waiting was worth it.