Scripture Lifelines

“Scripture Lifelines,” Friend, April 2019


Scripture Lifelines

Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

Illustration by Thomas S. Child

Had a bad day? Here are some scripture helps! Use the decoder to find the scriptures to fill in the blanks. Start from “Start Here” each time. Then go left (L) or right (R) the number of spaces to find a verse. (For example, L-4 means “go left four spaces.”) The first one has been done for you.

Cut this card out and put it in your scriptures.

  • L-4 When you feel afraid: John 14:27

  • R-4 When you’re worried about the future: ___________________________________

  • L-2 When you wonder if Heavenly Father hears your prayers: __________________________

  • R-1 When it feels like everybody is against you: ___________________________________

  • R-5 When you feel stuck: ______________________

  • L-6 When you have to do something hard: ___________________________________

  • R-2 When you’re about to play in a music recital, take a test at school, or do something else that’s important to you: __________________________

  • L-3 When you think you don’t have any gifts or talents: _____________________________

  • L-1 When you need a reminder that God loves you: ______________________________

  • R-3 When someone treats you like you’re not important: ______________________________

  • L-5 When you wonder if you’ll feel happy again: _____________________________________