Hello from Estonia

“Hello from Estonia,” Friend, April 2019

Hello from Estonia!

We’re Margo and Paolo. This year we’re traveling around the world to learn about God’s children. Join us as we visit Estonia!

Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

Margo and Paulo illustrations by Katie McDee

Estonia is in northern Europe. It has more than 2,000 islands. About 1.3 million people live in Estonia.

Here’s how to say “hello” in Estonian: Tere!And here’s how you say the Church’s name: Viimse Aja Pühade Jeesuse Kristuse Kirik

This is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It has been around for 800 years! Estonia has lots of woods and bogs. In fact, more than half of Estonia is covered in forest. Lots of people in Estonia like spending time in nature.

What’s for dinner in Estonia? Maybe sprats (pickled fish) on black bread.

Every five years, Estonians gather at a big festival to celebrate their country with dancing and singing. What’s your favorite Primary song?

The Church in Estonia is small but strong. There are about a thousand Church members. Their closest temple is in Helsinki, Finland.

Meet two sisters from Estonia!

One night when I wanted to go to bed, my teddy was missing. I looked for it but couldn’t find it. I prayed. Then I found my teddy bear and had good dreams.

Bianka J., age 7

Our family likes to serve others. Serving helps us to feel the Holy Ghost, which gives us a warm feeling of peace. My sisters and I make presents for others because we want them to feel loved.

Piibe J., age 10

Thanks for exploring Estonia with us. See you next time!