Conference Building Blocks

    “Conference Building Blocks,” Friend, April 2019


    Conference Building Blocks

    a temple made of white blocks to fill in

    Fill in the temple building blocks with numbers from the list below. During conference, when you see or hear something from your list, place a marker (like a bean or candy) on that block. When you’ve filled in all the blocks, your temple is done!

    Things You See

    1. A red tie

    2. The prophet waving

    3. An organist’s hands

    4. A picture or statue of Jesus

    5. Someone in the choir wearing glasses

    6. A necklace

    7. A striped tie

    8. The Salt Lake Temple

    9. The prophet speaking

    10. An Apostle smiling

    11. A picture used in a talk

    12. The congregation standing for a hymn

    13. (Add your own) _________________

    Things You Hear

    1. Someone praying

    2. “Temple”

    3. “Love”

    4. A promised blessing

    5. A personal story

    6. A scripture story

    7. “The Book of Mormon”

    8. “Primary”

    9. “Baptism” or “Baptized”

    10. A talk about children

    11. The Tabernacle Choir singing

    12. “Minister” or “Ministering”

    13. (Add your own) _________________