Conference Building Blocks

“Conference Building Blocks,” Friend, April 2019


Conference Building Blocks

Friend Magazine, 2019/04 Apr

Fill in the temple building blocks with numbers from the list below. During conference, when you see or hear something from your list, place a marker (like a bean or candy) on that block. When you’ve filled in all the blocks, your temple is done!

Things You See

  1. A red tie

  2. The prophet waving

  3. An organist’s hands

  4. A picture or statue of Jesus

  5. Someone in the choir wearing glasses

  6. A necklace

  7. A striped tie

  8. The Salt Lake Temple

  9. The prophet speaking

  10. An Apostle smiling

  11. A picture used in a talk

  12. The congregation standing for a hymn

  13. (Add your own) _________________

Things You Hear

  1. Someone praying

  2. “Temple”

  3. “Love”

  4. A promised blessing

  5. A personal story

  6. A scripture story

  7. “The Book of Mormon”

  8. “Primary”

  9. “Baptism” or “Baptized”

  10. A talk about children

  11. The Tabernacle Choir singing

  12. “Minister” or “Ministering”

  13. (Add your own) _________________