The Snow-Shovel Squad

    “The Snow-Shovel Squad,” Friend, November 2018

    The Snow-Shovel Squad

    The authors live in British Columbia, Canada, and Utah, USA

    “When we’re helping, we’re happy” (Children’s Songbook, 198).

    siblings shoveling snow together

    Illustration by Brad Teare

    Gavin looked out the window. Big white snowflakes were falling softly to the ground. He grinned as he thought about all the fun he could have skiing and building snowmen. Gavin loved winter in Canada.

    “Gavin?” Mom said.

    Gavin blinked and turned back to the living room. It was family home evening, and the lesson was on service. But it was hard to pay attention!

    Mom smiled. “I know you’re excited about the snow, but what are ways our family could help someone?”

    Gavin looked out the window again. Snow was piling up on the driveways on his street. “Hey! What if we shoveled the Ramseys’ driveway?” he asked.

    “Yeah!” Gavin’s big brother, Jensen, said. “They’d really like that.”

    “That’s a great idea,” Dad said. “The Ramseys are getting older, and shoveling snow is hard for them.”

    The next morning, Gavin’s family shoveled the Ramseys’ driveway. Gavin was glad they were doing it together. Even Gavin’s little sisters, Chloé and Kenzie, helped. The path Kenzie shoveled looked like a giant snake had slithered through the snow.

    After scraping together the last pile of snow, Gavin gave his brother a high five. “We make a great team!” Jensen said.

    “Yeah!” said Gavin. “We’re the Snow-Shovel Squad!”

    After the next two snowstorms, the Snow-Shovel Squad happily shoveled both their driveway and the Ramseys’. One time, Mrs. Ramsey tried to pay them, but they politely said no.

    “The Snow-Shovel Squad is a not-for-profit team,” Gavin explained.

    That made Mrs. Ramsey laugh.

    The snow kept coming. Shoveling two driveways got harder and harder. After a while, Mom and Dad had to remind the Snow-Shovel Squad how much they were needed.

    One morning Gavin woke up especially excited. They were going skiing today! He looked outside and grinned. The snow looked perfect. He ran to find his skis. Soon everyone was packing the van for their trip.

    Just as they buckled their seatbelts, Mom turned to look at them. “What about the Ramseys’ driveway?”

    Gavin looked at Jensen. They had forgotten all about it.

    “Can we do it later?” Jensen said. “We want to get to the mountain before it gets too busy!”

    “OK,” Mom said, and Dad started the van.

    But then Gavin glanced out his window. He could see Mr. Ramsey trying to clear his driveway. It looked like he could hardly lift his shovel.

    “Wait, Dad,” Gavin said. “Mr. Ramsey needs the Snow-Shovel Squad right away!”

    Everyone got out and grabbed their shovels.

    “Sorry we’re late!” Gavin called out.

    Mr. Ramsey smiled. “Thank you so much,” he said. “It would’ve taken me hours to shovel this driveway alone.” With the help of the Snow-Shovel Squad, the Ramseys’ driveway was snow-free in just a few minutes. After that, nobody had to remind Gavin about the Ramseys’ driveway. If it snowed, the Snow-Shovel Squad was out shoveling, sometimes even before breakfast. Sometimes it snowed so much they had to shovel two times in one day!

    As the weeks went by, shoveling the driveways didn’t seem so hard. In fact, Gavin thought that helping the Ramseys was one of the best parts of winter. Then one day, he woke up and saw that the sun was warm and bright. The snow was melting down the driveway. How could he help others now that it was spring?

    Snow-Shovel Service

    We helped shovel snow for our neighbor who was out of town.

    Alyssa and Carter H., ages 3 and 7, Nebraska, USA