Grow a Family Gratitude Tree

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“Grow a Family Gratitude Tree,” Friend, November 2018

Family History Quest

Grow a Family Gratitude Tree

Friend Magazine, 2018/11 Nov

Illustrations by Bryan Beach

You know about a family tree, and maybe you’ve heard of a gratitude tree. This month, squish the two together and make a family gratitude tree! Put a paper tree trunk and branches on your wall. Then cut out lots of paper leaves. On each leaf, finish one of these sentences:

  • I’m grateful for my family because …

  • I’m grateful for family history because …

  • I’m grateful for temples because …

You can also add leaves throughout the month about anything else you’re grateful for! Ornaments

Christmas is right around the corner. Print small pictures of ancestors from and make ornaments. Then, when you decorate for Christmas, talk about what you learned about these family members!