Show and Tell—Conference!

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“Show and Tell—Conference!” Friend, November 2018

Show and Tell—Conference!

Friend Magazine, 2018/11 Nov

Josue Thomas G., age 6, and Alexandra C., age 13, Durango, Mexico, are cousins and best friends. Alexandra said she felt the Spirit when the prophet announced the new temples and changes. Thomas said he loved the stories the prophet and apostles shared. “I trust President Nelson,” he said.

Lilly and Joseph B., ages 5 and 10, Minnesota, USA, flew to Utah and then went to Temple Square to watch conference. “We loved watching conference with our family,” they said.

Joshua and Samuel W., ages 5 and 3, Somerset, England, enjoyed conducting during the songs.

Abigail L., age 7, California, USA, liked Sister Cordon’s talk about ministering to others. “My favorite part was, ‘You fed me and you gave me a drink and you took me in.’ I want to serve.”

Leila D., age 9, Auckland, New Zealand, watched conference with her younger sister, Rose, and younger brothers Heemi and Nauvoo. “I learnt that we should never give up,” Leila said. “We should keep our promises to God.”

Liberty O., age 9, Greater Accra, Ghana, wrote many notes about general conference. “God is our loving Father, and He loves each of us,” she said. “He wants us to have joy.”

Mylie and Piper T., ages 11 and 5, Arizona, USA, built a Conference Center scene.

I felt the Spirit when I listened to Brother Brough’s talk. I learned that I can do hard things and feel joy at the same time. I know this is true because all things are possible with the Lord on your side.

Harrison S., age 12, Western Australia, Australia

I like general conference because I get to watch the prophet speak and share his testimony. He helps me understand what our Heavenly Father wants me to do.

Fuki M., age 10, Shizuoka, Japan

It is a nice day when the family sits together to watch conference.

Faith M., age 9, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I really liked that our prophet taught that the Lord wants us to call the Church by its correct name. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Christian V., age 10, San Salvador, El Salvador