Conference Notes

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“Conference Notes,” Friend, November 2018

Conference Notes

Here are some stories from October 2018 general conference. What was your favorite story?

Friend Magazine, 2018/11 Nov

The Savior Will Help Us

Henry B. Eyring Offical Portrait 2018

President Eyring, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, talked about what a good example his wife has been over the years. She was always quick to help others. Now she can’t remember things very well. But she still loves singing Primary songs. One of her favorites is “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.” President Eyring taught that the Savior is helping his wife through her troubles, and He will carry us through our troubles too.

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Heavenly Father’s Love

Stevenson, Gary E.

Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles told the true story of a loyal sheep dog. When some sheep got stuck in the mountains, the dog stayed with them, circling in the snowy weather, protecting them from coyotes. The dog finally led the sheep back to the shepherd and the flock. Heavenly Father loves us and, like the sheep dog, will never leave us, even when life gets stormy. We should also love and protect others.

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Building a Happy Life

Elder Steven R. Bangerter Official Portrait

Elder Bangerter of the Seventy spoke about how small and simple things can make a big difference in our lives. His family goes camping each year. They hold a devotional and ask their children and grandchildren to share a message about Jesus Christ. This year, the grandchildren wrote the topics of their messages on stones. Then they buried the stones. This reminded them that following Christ creates a foundation for a happy life.

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An Unselfish Teacher

Cristina B. Franco

Sister Franco, Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency, talked about one of her favorite Primary teachers when she was growing up. Back then, Primary was held on Tuesday afternoon. Every week, her teacher made the class a chocolate cake! Years later, Sister Franco found out that her teacher walked instead of riding the bus so that she could save enough money to make those cakes. She was unselfish and loved her class.

What I learned from this talk: