Thankful for Scriptures

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“Thankful for Scriptures,” Friend, November 2018

Thankful for Scriptures

Friend Magazine, 2018/11 Nov

Illustrations by Corey Egbert

James opened his Book of Mormon picture book. He saw a picture of Nephi building a boat. James pounded his toy hammer. “Bam, bam, bam!” he said as he built a pretend boat. James turned the page. He saw Moroni leading his army against the bad guys. James held up a pretend banner. “I will protect my family!” he shouted. James turned the page again. He saw a picture of Jesus blessing children. James closed his eyes. He pretended that he was sitting with Jesus. James felt happy. Before he got into bed, James folded his arms and prayed, “Heavenly Father, I am thankful for the scriptures!”

Searching for Scriptures

Help James and his family find their scriptures so they can read together!

Dad’s scriptures are on a shelf.

Mom keeps her scriptures next to the lamp.

Kylie has a purple scripture case.

Dylan reads scriptures on his phone.

James has scriptures with pictures.