For Older Kids

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“For Older Kids,” Friend, November 2018

For Older Kids

Friend Magazine, 2018/11 Nov

Dear Journal

Write down five good things that happened to you this week. How has Heavenly Father blessed you?

Brain Teaser

I have 88 keys, but I can’t open any door. What am I?

See answer below.

Secret Service

  • Rake leaves, shovel snow, or plant flowers.

  • Give away tickets or tokens at an arcade or carnival.

  • Help someone with their homework.

I can prepare myself for the Aaronic Priesthood by acting like Jesus Christ, reading my scriptures, and praying.

Isaac D., age 11, Utah, USA

Quick Quiz

Finish the scripture: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as ____________________________ .” (Hint: See Isaiah 1:18.) See answer below.

  1. white as snow

  2. pure as wool

  3. clear as water

  4. clean as linen

Draw It!

Draw a goat from the letter g!

Answers: a piano; white as snow