Watch Out for the Thorn Patch!
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“Watch Out for the Thorn Patch!” Friend, October 2018

Watch Out for the Patch!

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Illustrations by Scott Peck

One day Daniel’s cousin Tyler came over to play …

Don’t go near the thorn patch!


Hey, Tyler! Let’s kick the soccer ball around.

Oh, no! We’re not supposed to go near there.

I think I can reach it.


Hang on! I’m going to get some help!

Are you OK?

Yeah, but I wish I didn’t fall into the thorn patch!

Mom warned you about the thorn patch because we care about you and want you to be safe.

I know. Thanks for helping me.

What do you want to do now?

Let’s play in the treehouse—and stay away from the thorns!

Heavenly Father loves us. He gives us guidelines and standards to keep us safe. When we choose to listen, we can avoid ending up in a prickly situation!