For Older Kids
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“For Older Kids,” Friend, October 2018

For Older Kids

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Dear Journal

Write about a time Heavenly Father helped you when you were scared.


What does a skeleton use to call his friends? See answer below.

Secret Service

  • Forgive your sibling or friend when they do something that upsets you.

  • Say something nice to the check-out clerk at the store.

  • Write a get-well note for someone who is sick.

I show my love by teaching my friend about the gospel and taking her to activities.

Zuleyka N., age 10, Arizona, USA

Quick Quiz

How many soldiers were in Helaman’s army? See answer below.

  1. 200

  2. 1,000

  3. 2,000

  4. 20,000

Draw It!

Draw a bunny from the letter B.

Answers: a skele-phone!; 2,000