The Talents Team
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“The Talents Team,” Friend, October 2018

The Talents Team

We’re all part of God’s team, with talents that He has given us. Meet some girls who are using their talents for good!

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Chef Champion

I entered a TV cooking competition, and I won! Since then, I have taught cooking classes, hosted a fundraiser to help other children, and more. I know Heavenly Father gives us all talents and wants us to use them to help others. We can use our talents to share the gospel and set an example!

Kennedy T., age 11, Alaska, USA

The Best Birthday

My grandparents run an orphanage in Guatemala. My family was going to visit them, so I put a service project together for my birthday. We fixed up dolls to give to the children. I also bought them cars, bubbles, and lollipops with my birthday money. When we handed out the toys, I felt peace and happiness. I knew God was proud of me. I can’t wait to serve others again!

Katie S., age 11, Connecticut, USA

The Pencil Project

I collected pencils for children who need them. My mom’s friend said that at one school in Africa, seven kids had to share one pencil! I set up boxes around my school, sent home flyers, and even called everyone on the school phone list to ask for donations! Now my school wants to do the “Pencil Project” every year. I feel so good inside knowing I helped kids be able to learn.

Colleen N., age 11, North Carolina, USA

Ivy’s Strength

When I was one, I was diagnosed with idiopathic rheumatoid arthritis, which makes my joints hurt. I’ve gotten many blessings, and they all helped me. There has been a lot of pain, but I’ve stayed strong. I’ve done gymnastics, dance, rock climbing, and yoga. I know this trial has brought me closer to God as I trust Him and pray to Him.

Ivy L., age 10, Washington, USA

Lucy’s Stitched Hugs

My favorite thing to do is make quilts for charity. To raise money for supplies, I made more than 36 pies to sell. So far, I’ve made more than 70 quilts! I call them “Lucy’s Stitched Hugs.” When I deliver quilts, I feel super happy! I forget my worries. We can do lots of things to serve, even just being kind to someone.

Lucy C., age 10, Washington, USA