Liam’s Friends
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“Liam’s Friends,” Friend, October 2018

Liam’s Friends

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Illustrations by Bob Monahan

Jesus teaches us to love everyone, whether they go to our Church or not. Learn about Liam and his friends. How many things can you find that are the same?

Hi! My name is Liam. Lots of my friends aren’t members of the Church. We all have fun together.

Abe is Buddhist. His religion teaches people to be generous, honest, and kind to others. A Buddhist church is called a temple.

Aleena is Muslim. She wears a head scarf called a hijab and prays five times a day. Her church is called a mosque, and she believes in the Old Testament prophets.

Lucas is Catholic. He keeps a necklace of the cross in his backpack to remember Jesus. For 40 days, called Lent, his family gives something up, like a food or habit, to get ready for Easter.

Sher and Harleen are Sikh. One way they show their faith is by not cutting their hair. Their dad wears a turban, and Harleen wears a patka, to cover their long hair. They pray in the morning and evening and at bedtime.

Asher is Jewish. To honor God, he wears a round hat called a kippah. His family doesn’t work on Saturday because it’s their Sabbath. Near the end of the year, his family celebrates a holiday called Hanukkah.

Tanisha is Hindu. Her family believes in many gods, and they worship at home and in a building called a temple. In the fall they celebrate a holiday called Diwali, when they light lamps and watch fireworks.

I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was sealed to my family in the temple, and I want to be a missionary so I can help other people learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.