The T-E-S-T
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“The T-E-S-T,” Friend, October 2018

Friend to Friend

The T-E-S-T

From an interview with Linda Davies

“And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them” (Abraham 3:25).

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Illustrations by John Manders

My parents were baptized when they were grownups. They loved learning about the prophets and Heavenly Father and then teaching our family.

On Sundays, my father would sit in a comfy chair and put me on his lap. Then we would read Bible stories together.

My favorite was Daniel in the lions’ den. In the story, the king made a new law. He said no one could pray to God. But Daniel kept praying. He got in trouble. They threw him into a den full of lions.

The next day the king went to the lions’ den. The lions had not hurt Daniel. Daniel had prayed for help, and Heavenly Father answered his prayer. (See Daniel 5–6.)

One day, my father read this story to me. Then he did something I’ll never forget. He traced four letters on my forehead with his finger: T-E-S-T.

“Sharon,” he said, “you will have tests in your life, just like Daniel did. But remember these letters on your forehead. They will remind you to always follow Heavenly Father and not give in to fear.” And they always have.

Tests like Daniel’s can be scary. But we can choose to have faith. Heavenly Father can help us be brave. I know He answers our prayers.

Lions and Your T-E-S-T!

Heavenly Father can help you face the biggest, scariest problems! Instructions: Carefully remove this page from the magazine and glue it to heavy paper. Cut out the two parts of the lion. Poke a brass fastener through the white and black dots to attach the head to the body.

Here’s how Heavenly Father helps me face my challenges.

I can be brave, like Daniel was!

  • He sends the Holy Ghost to guide me.

  • He loves me, no matter what.

  • He hears and answers my prayers.

  • He gave us scriptures to follow.

  • He gave me parents and leaders to help me.

  • He gives commandments to keep me safe.