Toy-Truck Trouble

“Toy-Truck Trouble,” Friend, October 2018

Toy-Truck Trouble

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2018/10 Oct

Illustrations by Daniela Volpari

Nate was walking home from school on Monday. He saw something shiny. It was a yellow truck in a sandbox. Yellow was his favorite color! He put the truck in his pocket.

At home, Nate took out the truck to play. But when he looked at it, he didn’t feel so good.

On Tuesday, Nate passed the sandbox again. This time he saw an orange truck.

This will go great with the yellow truck, Nate thought. He put it in his pocket. But when Nate got home, he felt bad inside.

The same thing happened Wednesday, when Nate took a purple truck.

On Thursday he took a green truck.

Each time he took a truck, Nate felt worse. But he still wanted to collect more.

On Friday, as Nate reached to grab a white truck from the sandbox, he heard a voice above him.

“I see you like trucks.”

Nate jumped back. A woman was smiling at him.

“My son, Cayden, is about your age,” the woman said. “He has been losing a lot of trucks lately. Do you know where they are?”

Nate gulped. He knew he was in trouble. But he also knew that telling the truth was the right thing.

“I have them at my house,” Nate said. “I’ll go get them!”

Nate ran home. He told Mom what had happened. They said a prayer. Nate told Heavenly Father he was sorry. He asked for the bad feelings to go away. Then they took the trucks back to the sandbox.

“Sorry I took your trucks,” Nate said to Cayden.

“Thanks for bringing them back,” Cayden said. “Want to play?”

Nate smiled and nodded. Playing with trucks had never been so fun. And next week, he would make better choices!