What do people do after they die?

    “What do people do after they die?” Friend, November 2017

    Answers from an Apostle

    What do people do after they die?

    From a RootsTech address in February 2017.

    Answers from an Apostle

    Illustration by Dan Burr

    I would like to tell a story about my Grandfather Nelson. They called him A.C. When he was just 27 years old, his father died. A few months later, his deceased father came to visit him in a vision. He was in bed when his father came and sat on the side of the bed.

    “What have you been doing since you died, Father?” Grandfather asked.

    “I’ve been very busy preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ,” his father answered. “You cannot imagine, my son, how many spirits there are in the spirit world that have not yet received the gospel.”

    He said many spirits were learning about the gospel and were looking forward to the time when their friends would do their temple work for them.

    Grandfather had another question.

    “Father, can you see us at all times, and do you know what we’re doing?”

    His father said, “No, I am usually busy doing my work there. But today I am allowed to visit for a little while.”

    Grandfather had a third question.

    “Father, is it natural to die?”

    His father said it was as natural as being born. It was like walking through a door from one room into another room.

    Grandfather had one last question.

    “Father, is the gospel as taught by this Church true?”

    His father pointed to a picture of the First Presidency that was hanging on the wall.

    “Just as sure as you see that picture, just as sure is the gospel true,” he said. He testified that the gospel can save everyone who obeys it, and that it’s the only way to be saved in the kingdom of God. “Always cling to the gospel.”

    My grandfather’s father told him to be humble, prayerful, true, and faithful.

    “Never do anything that would displease God,” he said. “My son, be a good boy.”

    Grandfather wrote this special experience in his journal. I took his journal entry and made a copy for every member of my family. And now I want to share the story with you, my Church family.

    When my baby sister, Gracie, died, I made myself feel better by remembering that she is still part of our family because my mom and dad have been sealed in the temple. I also like to sleep with Gracie’s soft blanket because it makes me feel safe. I know I will see Gracie again, and that makes me happy.

    Chloe B., age 8, Utah, USA