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    “Question Corner,” Friend, November 2017

    Question Corner

    My friends sometimes use their phones to look at bad pictures. What should I do?

    Question Corner

    Illustration by David Malan

    If I’m in a situation where I can’t walk away—like while riding the bus—I will ask them to shut their phone off. If they won’t shut it off, I will look away and say a prayer. I will ask Heavenly Father to help me get the images out of my head and to not think of them anymore. I will tell my parents as soon as possible.

    Kelton S., age 9, Nevada, USA

    I would cover the pictures and say, “No, thank you. I don’t look at those kinds of pictures. Let’s talk about something else, please.” I would be friendly but firm.

    Seneca M., age 10, Ohio, USA

    I can tell them not to look at those kinds of pictures because it tricks your brain into thinking that love is something you feel for pictures.

    Quinten B., age 7, Utah, USA

    I would close my eyes and turn my head away. If they still tried to show me the pictures, I would walk away. If they still tried to show me the pictures, I would tell an adult.

    Aslynn D., age 9, Alberta, Canada

    I would tell them our bodies are a gift from God and that we should respect them.

    Samuel B., age 7, Texas, USA

    Walk away and tell my parents.

    Brynlee S., age 7, Nevada, USA

    Quickly cover the phone and tell them what they’re looking at is bad. Help them turn it off. If they don’t want to turn it off, then get up and leave.

    Mark A., age 10, Utah, USA

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