Peer Pressure Problems

    “Peer Pressure Problems,” Friend, November 2017

    Peer Pressure Problems

    Peer Pressure Problems

    Illustrations by Jennifer Bricking

    What is peer pressure?

    When a friend or classmate tries to make you do something you don’t want to do …

    • Something that breaks a commandment

    • Something that makes you feel uncomfortable

    • Or just something you know isn’t right

    What can you do?

    1. Suggest a new activity. This is a great time to explain your standards.

      “I don’t feel good watching that. How about this one?”

    2. Call for backup. Talk to a parent ahead of time about an “escape plan” for dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

      “I have to be home early. See you later.”

    3. Find a friend who feels the same. Be brave and help someone else be brave too!

      “No. I’m not OK with that.”

      “Me neither.”

    Your turn! Write or draw what you would do.

    Just one drink! Don’t be a baby!


    This game isn’t even that bad.


    Tell her she can’t hang out with us.