Primary with the Prophet

    “Primary with the Prophet,” Friend, November 2017

    Primary with the Prophet

    The author lives in Maryland, USA.

    Primary with the Prophet

    Illustrations by Mark Robison

    Sam’s head felt hot. He had a runny nose. His sister Martha was sick too. Mom said Sam and Martha were too sick to go to church.

    “Can we play with trucks?” Sam asked.

    “Not right now,” Mom said. “We are going to have our own Primary!”

    “How can I have Primary without my teacher?” Sam asked.

    “Who will give a talk?” Martha asked.

    “I have a plan.” Mom winked at them. “I can be the teacher. And I know someone very special who can give the talk.”

    “Who?” Sam asked.

    “You’ll see!” Mom said.

    Sam and Martha went to Martha’s room. They set up three chairs.

    “Welcome to our pretend Primary,” Mom said. Then they sang “I Am a Child of God” and said a prayer.

    Martha chose more songs to sing. Mom told a story about Jesus. Sam and Martha colored pictures.

    Sam liked their pretend Primary! But who was going to give the talk? There was nobody there except Sam, Martha, and Mom.

    Finally Mom got her laptop. She put it on Martha’s bed.

    “Now we have a special guest. President Thomas S. Monson is here to talk to us!” Mom clicked on a video on the computer screen. President Monson started telling them a story.

    Sam smiled. He liked his special Primary with the prophet!