Secret Service Sisters

    “Secret Service Sisters,” Friend, November 2017

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    Secret Service Sisters

    Secret Service Sisters

    Hi! We are Talei and Phoebe. We’re identical twins! We were born in Hawaii, USA, but we have lived in many other places.

    We don’t only look alike. We also like doing things together. One time we decided to surprise our friends and family with secret service. Here are a few things we did!

    Love in Letters (Secret #1)

    We just moved to a new city, so we wrote letters to our friends and family who live far away.

    Breakfast Is Served! (Secret #2)

    Our parents work hard to take care of us. One day we woke up early to make them breakfast in bed with eggs, toast, and strawberries.

    Reading Together (Secret #3)

    Our little brother, Malakai, is learning how to read. We read a lot of books with him to help him learn the words.

    Fun with Friends (Secret #4)

    We invited a friend who isn’t a member of our church to activity day. We wanted her to feel happy, make new friends, and learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus. We all had fun together!

    Cheerful Chores (Secret #5)

    Sometimes we forget to clean our rooms and make our beds. We decided to make our room spotless without telling Mom. She was so surprised!

    Secret Service Challenge

    Write your own secret service challenges! Check them off when you’re done.

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