I Want to Follow Jesus

    “I Want to Follow Jesus,” Friend, November 2017

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    I Want to Follow Jesus

    I Want to Follow Jesus, 1
    I Want to Follow Jesus, 2
    I Want to Follow Jesus, 3

    Illustrations by Apryl Stott

    One day Jesus climbed on a ship. He asked the fishermen to launch it into the water. He stood on the ship and taught crowds of people on the shore.

    Then Jesus told a fisherman named Peter to let his nets down into the water. Peter said he hadn’t caught any fish all day, but he would try again. This time, Peter caught enough fish to fill two boats!

    Jesus asked the fishermen to leave their boats and follow Him. He wanted them to be His disciples.

    Jesus’s disciples listened as He taught about Heavenly Father. They watched Jesus heal the sick and show love to others. After Jesus died, the disciples did what they had seen Jesus do. They taught, healed, and loved.

    I can teach others about Jesus by what I say and do. I can heal people’s hurt feelings with kindness. I can help take care of people who are sick or poor. I will show love, like Jesus.