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“Question Corner,” Friend, June 2017

Question Corner

I want to make new friends, but I’m really shy. What can I do?

Friend Magazine, 2017/6 Jun

Say a prayer to Heavenly Father to tell Him what you’re going through, and He will bless you. Remember He is always there for you. Be yourself and be confident in who you are. People like that and will want to be your friend.

Faith B., age 10, California, USA

I moved to Texas just a year ago, and I was nervous about making new friends. Some of the things that helped me were to be myself around people and try to be friends with everyone. I also talked to my parents about my day after school, and they would encourage me to try again. I tried to smile at others and look for other kids who needed a friend.

Brett A., age 12, Texas, USA

Be friendly and smile. Just remember you are a son or daughter of Heavenly Father and He is watching over you. After that, if you still haven’t found a friend, talk to a parent or teacher.

Katelyn R., age 10, Virginia, USA

You could look for someone who needs help and then go over and help them. They might ask your name. Pretty soon you might be playing as friends.

Avery R., age 7, Saudi Arabia

You can say a prayer, and if someone is playing a game that you like to play, you can ask if you can play with them.

Davis L., age 10, Colorado, USA

Paige: I can ask in a soft voice if they want to be my friend.

Adrie: I try to be brave, and I also pray in my head that Jesus Christ can help me.

McKenzie: I am moving away in July, and I don’t know if I will make new friends. But the way I have always been able to make friends is by smiling at them. If you are shy, maybe they are too. Just try talking to them. That is the best way. Smiling and talking.

Paige, Adrie, and McKenzie W., ages 6, 8, and 11, Utah, USA

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Responses are intended for help and perspective, not as pronouncements of Church doctrine.