Matt and Mandy

    “Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2017

    Matt and Mandy

    Matt and Mandy

    Previously: Franco asked permission to go to church with Matt. And Matt tried a spicy soup called posole.

    That soup was good. But I thought I was going to breathe fire like a dragon!

    Well, the spices can take some getting used to.

    Next time I might need a bigger glass of milk! Thanks again for lunch.

    So, Dad, can I go to church with Matt?

    I don’t think so, boys. Our family’s been in our church for many generations.

    Later, at Matt’s house …

    Franco’s dad is a good man who wants the best for his son. He’s being cautious.

    Sigh. I guess.

    That night …

    Franco’s still my best friend. And his dad’s great too. We don’t have to be the same to be friends.

    Good thing … ’cause I’m pretty different from everyone!