The Book of Mormon Club

“The Book of Mormon Club,” Friend, June 2017

The Book of Mormon Club

Friend Magazine, 2017/6 Jun

I love to read! Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. When I was in second grade, I began reading bigger chapter books of all different genres. Now I read every spare moment that I can! I read in the morning, when I finish my work at school early, and on the way to violin lessons. Sometimes I even sneak a book under my covers to read after bedtime.

Last year, I had the idea to start a book club with a few of my friends who also enjoy reading. We took turns choosing a book for everyone in the club to read, and then we would get together and have fun talking about our book. One day, my mom suggested that my friends and I start a Book of Mormon club! She thought that it would be a fun idea to read the Book of Mormon together. My friends love the Book of Mormon too, so they also liked the idea. Now we all read one book in the Book of Mormon at a time, and then we get together and talk about what we are learning after each book. Sometimes we play fun games, do a craft, or have treats.

The Book of Mormon is sometimes challenging to read, but I feel happy that I am choosing to read the scriptures along with my other books. I love learning about the gospel with my friends!

Your Book of Mormon Club

You could have a Book of Mormon club with your family—or even by yourself. And you can even read just one verse a day! Write and tell us about your experience reading the Book of Mormon. How does it help you feel the Holy Ghost, resist temptation, overcome fear, and receive help from Heavenly Father?