Welcome to Cousin Camp

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“Welcome to Cousin Camp,” Friend, June 2017

Welcome to Cousin Camp

The author lives in Utah, USA.

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God” (Mosiah 2:17).

Friend Magazine, 2017/6 Jun

Carson could hardly sit still. He was excited to go to Grandma’s house! Every summer Grandma invited all the cousins over to her house for a three-day “Cousin Camp.” Each year the camp had a different theme. Carson couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do. When Carson and his cousins got to Grandma’s house, she met them at the door.

“Welcome to Cousin Camp!” Grandma said. “This year’s theme is service. For our first activity, we’re going to make posters for our local firefighters.”

Everyone split into two groups. Carson joined a group and eyed the candy piled in the center of the table.

“Use this candy to create a kind and fun message for the firefighters,” said Grandma.

Carson and his cousins worked together to make the perfect poster. Carson drew a big red fire truck and taped on his favorite candy.

When they arrived at the fire station, the firefighters were really happy with the posters. They showed Carson and his cousins around the firehouse and even let them sit in the fire truck!

At breakfast the next day, Carson’s cousins tried to guess the next Cousin Camp activity.

“I think we’ll do yard work for Grandma’s neighbors,” Ava said.

“Maybe we’ll make food for people who are hungry,” said Nash.

“Or clean up the park!” said Natalie.

Grandma smiled. “Those are great ideas, but today we’re going to make fleece blankets for children at the hospital. Everyone pick some fabric, and then I’ll show you what to do.”

Carson looked through the stack of fabric and picked one with soccer balls on it. He loved soccer!

“Want to help me with my blanket?” Carson asked Caitlin.

“Sure!” said Caitlin.

“OK. I’ll cut strips along the edges, and you can tie them in a knot.”

Caitlin nodded and concentrated on tying each knot. Soon they were finished, and the blanket looked great! When they got to the hospital, Carson and Caitlin gave their soccer blanket to a girl who was sick. She loved soccer too!

During Cousin Camp, Carson and his cousins also served each other. They helped Grandma make meals. They helped each other make their beds, and they held doors open for each other. Carson never realized there were so many ways to serve! He thought about all the things he could do to keep serving after Cousin Camp was over.

“Today’s the last day of Cousin Camp,” Grandma said during breakfast the next day. Carson was sad it was almost over. He was having a blast!

“You can choose what we do today,” said Grandma.

Hailey and Zoie loved animals, so everyone collected old towels to give to a veterinary clinic. Oliver had the idea to give water bottles to people who were homeless. One man was grateful because it was very hot that day!

Grandma said, “You’ve all done an amazing job serving others! I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are happy with the way you’ve all served.”

“Grandma,” Carson asked, “can we do the same thing for Cousin Camp next year?”